Q & A

Q: Why are you running?

A: Whatcom County is my home and I love it here.  My business is here, I am raising my children here, and I care deeply about our future.  I believe in community service and I feel good about the contribution I am making.

Q: What are your values?

A:   My family is the most important and cherished aspect of my life. In politics, I believe we promote the common good by ensuring individual freedom, opportunity, and equality for all. I trend libertarian in the “culture wars”. I am a capitalist who earns a living in the world of business – and I am an environmentalist, who loves Mother Earth. I accept that reasonable regulations and taxes are the price tag for civilized society. I trust science. I believe that open, honest political debate is essential for a functioning democracy. I demand personal responsibility but am also striving for compassion. I will defend the rule of law and work towards securing a healthy, just, and sustainable world for our children.

Q: How can I help?

A: Click here to learn how you can help.

Q: What is your Agenda?  

A:  My mission is to “listen carefully and lead responsibly.”  I will meet with anyone and listen to all concerns and perspectives.  I research the issues, ask the hard questions, and analyze the data.  In the end, my duty is to vote responsibly.

Q: Can you be more specific regarding your agenda?  

A:  You should be voting for values, not bullet points.  But, since you asked, I think the government should prioritize safe streets, clean water, and good jobs.

Q: What frustrates you?

A: People who think it is government’s job to idiot-proof the world and paranoid obstructionist fear mongers.

Q: What are your political ambitions?

A:  My only ambition is to keep Whatcom County a special place to live, work, and raise a family.  I have no plans for higher office.  I prefer decisions at the local government, where I actually know the people, see the places, and learn the issues.  I don’t have to pledge allegiance to a national party and I can think for myself!

Q: What are you most proud of during your time in office?

A: The births of two wonderful, beautiful, healthy children.

Q: Any accomplishments related to your County Council duties?

A: During our brutal budget cycle in 2010, I defended the WIC program (Women, Infants, and Children nutrition program), the Whatcom Humane Society, and Conservation Futures Funding.  Those programs would have been eliminated or radically altered without my efforts.

Although it failed, I fought for a Wind Energy ordinance that would encourage development of alternative energy in Whatcom County’s resource lands.

I was part of the negotiating team that delivered long-term security to Lummi Island Ferry operations.

Despite a severe recession, Whatcom County did not increase taxes.

Q: What have you done for me lately?

A: I was an early and ardent supporter of the Lake Whatcom Reconveyance and Forest Preserve.  We established local control and protection of 8,800 acres in the Lake Whatcom Watershed – at minimal cost.

I have been a staunch advocate for small businesses and Downtown Bellingham. I am assisting the Downtown Merchants Association as they work to influence the design and operational parameters of a homeless housing mega-project on Cornwall Avenue.

Q: What are you going to do next?

A: I want to finish our slaughterhouse/packinghouse ordinance so that we can have environmentally safe, humane, and healthy USDA-certified locally raised and butchered meats.

Whatcom County desperately needs a new jail.  Our current facility is unsafe for guards and inmates.  This will be a massive undertaking and will pose significant siting, design, and financing challenges.

Land use planning in Whatcom County suffers from a lack of imagination and political will.  I would dearly love to establish a functioning TDR (transfer of development rights) program to compensate landowners in rural areas while incentivizing development in urban areas.

We are facing a major disruption in our Emergency Medical Services Medic One delivery infrastructure.  If we are not able to forge an agreement between all of the major players, then we will see a disintegration of the unified system and a shift to two standalone systems – one for the County and one for the City of Bellingham.  This would be a terrible failure.

We are working on a rewrite of Title 20 and also our Critical Areas Ordinance.

We must protect Lake Whatcom and refine our Aquatic Invasive Species policy.

We have to finalize the establishment and security of water rights for our residential, agricultural, and industrial areas.  There are many competing interests and legal claims.  For investment and stability to proceed in this fragile economy, we have to resolve this issue.

Swift Creek asbestos, flooding, tubing on the Nooksack River, Birch Bay Berm, Lake Whatcom Homeowner Incentive Program, speed limits… and so much more!

Q: How can I help?

A: Click here to learn how you can help.